Sativa Seedless Hemp Buds 3-5% CBD


  • Best quality whole cannabis buds
  • Low THC  <0,2% / Rich in CBD – 7%
  • Naturally grown and dried
  • Without stalks and trimmed
  • Full of Terpenes
  • Less than 1% Seeds
  • From EU Authorized  Seeds
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Blue Widow – 4% CBD Hemp Buds

More fresh & rich in CBD
Blue Widow is our best selection of whole female hemp flowers variety cannabis sativa L.
These high cannabidiol buds are almost whithout seeds and full of natural terpens.

Made with love to nature. 
We grow our hemp buds with love using only natural methods.
Our flowers were hand harvested,  trimmed and packed by our experienced team. 
Legal & safe.
These CBD flowers come from authorized seeds allowed to cultivate in Europe (<0.2% THC )
This variety is not psychoactive and legally available throught the European Union. 

Note:   We are selling our flowers as a collector’s item.  It is a raw material not intended for consumption. Keep away from children. 

Additional information

Weight 15 g
Dimensions 10 × 3 × 8 mm